The Moon and the Fool

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The Moon and the Fool

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Consider donating to Cold Kingdom!

In the coming months we will be performing some of the biggest shows we’ve ever played and working hard to expand our reach outside of the Twin Cities into the Midwest region and beyond. All donated money will go directly towards helping the band achieve these goals, and absolutely none of it will be used for any member’s personal finances.

To go into further detail, this money would assist with: Design and Printing costs of new Cold Kingdom merchandise, as well as re-ordering existing designs; Upgrades to our audio equipment to continue improving our live performances; Stage banners to add a stronger visual effect to our shows; Video recording and production for our upcoming music video; And finally - Gas, auto insurance, and food, which are three vital costs that are constant in our plans to schedule shows and tours outside of the region. Even the smallest of donations will make a big difference, and every donated dollar will have a very real impact on what we’re able to accomplish. We hope you will consider donating and supporting Minnesota rock music!

— Evan, Dani, Pat, Jason, and Aaron

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