The Moon and the Fool

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The Moon and the Fool

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In the coming months we are recording our debut EP, putting together some of the biggest shows we’ve ever played, and planning for an extremely busy upcoming year. All donated money will go directly to helping the band achieve major goals.

To go into further detail, this money would go towards: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Duplication, Artwork, and Copyright costs of the upcoming debut EP; Design and Printing costs of new Cold Kingdom merchandise, including hoodies, t-shirts, dog tags, and wrist bands; Upgrades to our live audio equipment to make our show even more seamless; And finally - Gas, auto insurance, and food, because getting around isn't cheap! Even the smallest of donations will make a big difference, and every donated dollar will have a very real impact on what we’re able to accomplish. We hope you will consider donating and supporting Minnesota rock music!

— Evan, Dani, Pat, Jason, and Aaron

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